Planning and hosting the 2018 Made For Happiness Assembly requires the efforts of hundreds of people throughout our diocese. We are especially thankful for the time and talents of our Parish Captains who are partnering with us to make the day’s events a joyful experience for all who attend.

As noted below, this page includes a helpful checklist of suggested tasks and timelines to be used by our Parish Captains. On this page, they will have access to a registration report that will be frequently updated with information about the number of people attending from parishes.

Below are resources that will help promote the day’s events. We will continue to post new resources here as they become available so stay tuned!

LAST UPDATED 5/11/2018

Brochures and Posters

Pulpit and Bulletin Resources

Ads for Bulletins

Other Resources for Promoting the Assembly

Assembly Registration Report (provides registration numbers by parish; available early June and updated twice monthly through August 1 and then weekly through September 22)

If you're a parish captain and have a question for the Assembly Team, please complete this form and we'll respond as promptly as possible.